Nippon dynamic group Limited..Co..Ltd is a company which can offers service of M & A to the small, medium and giant industry. We’re aiming at being the enterprise which always keeps continuing the challenge to the unknown field and the effort and moving ahead.
In Japan, As a real problem, the proprietors keep worrying every day and who are groping after an exit holding a problem of “successor problem” and “indeterminacy of business” when running the business for a long time, and without talking about consulting. On the other hand, Some company want to”go into foreign countries.” or “hope to expand their business” and so on, some boss want to change the present conditions to get the future image for their company. Therefore we think the fast speed and the independent manufacturer for the M & A to which you can give an appropriate advice are necessary.

2. Notice

1. Cooperation of Lawer, Finanical staff and adviser of M&A
2. It need 3 to 12 months to finish the work.
3. First step:Preparing for the M&A work, sign for NDA and CA;
Second step: we need to discuss the basic agreement and sign it;
Third step: We also need to discuss the last agreement and sign it. We need to talk about the thing with each other, and make it satisfied both buyer and seller.

3.Company detail
Name Nippon dynamic group Co..Ltd(NDG)
Web site address
Establishment period Mar. 2018
Company address Higasinarasino 2-18-44-621, Narasino shi, Chiba kenn,Japan
TEL/FAX TEL:+81 47 474 1960/Mobile:+81 80 3549 5162/FAX:+81 47 4747 1960
Working contents Consulting for M&A
Consulting for revival and settlement
Consulting for company value evaluation
The other consulting contents

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